Father of Truth, Behold Thy Son!

I thank His Excellency Bishop Jacob Barclay for this beautiful in prayer in both Syriac (using Hebrew Script) and English. In case you cannot read the inserted document, here is the English:

The Canticle – Soghitha

O Father of truth, behold Thy Son the sacrifice appeasing Thee. Him receive Who died for me, that through Him, absolved I be. This Oblation, receive from my hands, and be Thou reconciled with me. Let not the sins visit me, which I have committed in the presence of Thy Majesty. Lo! His Blood poured out on Golgotha, for my redemption, and entreating on my behalf. For its sake, accept my plea. How many debts have I? How many more mercies Thou, wert Thou to weigh them? Thy pity doth outweigh the mountains weighed by Thee. Consider the sins, and heed the holocaust on their account, for much greater are the holocaust and sacrifice than the guilt. Because I have sinned, nails and spear hath Thy Beloved endured, sufficient His sufferings are to appease Thee, and through them will I be saved. Praise be to the Father Who hath sent His Son for our sake, Adoration to the Son, Who by His Crucifixion hath set all free. Thanksgiving to the Spirit be, by Whom hath been accomplished our salvation’s mystery. Blessed be He Who in His love hath given life to all.

Translated in Jerusalem by Bishop Jacob

Download (PDF, 66KB)

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